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My name is Ashley Beth and I am a book junkie, professor, and freelance writer. I wanted to start this blog so I could combine two of my favorite things to do: read and write! Most of this blog will be posts casually reviewing books I read throughout the year. When I say casually what I mean is, I'm basically just a girl giving her opinion. I'm not a literary expert. I'm a literary enthusiast. If you are too, check out some of my latest posts!

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July 2021

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I picked up The Lost Apothecary after hearing some rave reviews about it, and I'm so glad I did! Usually, reading a book that flips back and forth between different centuries is enough to give me vertigo, but I thought Penner did a wonderful job of making this story engaging and unputdownable. The three narrators of the story are all women who are relatable and sympathetic. Penner masters the delicacy of writing a dark story but still providing enough light to guide you along.