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My name is Ashley Beth and I am a book junkie, professor, and freelance writer. I wanted to start this blog so I could combine two of my favorite things to do: read and write! Most of this blog will be posts casually reviewing books I read throughout the year. When I say casually what I mean is, I'm basically just a girl giving her opinion. I'm not a literary expert. I'm a literary enthusiast. If you are too, check out some of my latest posts!

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March 2021

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This is a book that has gotten a lot of mixed reviews this year. Overall, it was a page turner. The silent patient is a woman who shoots her husband in the face five times, and then never speaks again. That is until she meets our main character, a psychotherapist determined to find the truth about what happened that dreadful night. The book is fast paced and the twist at the ending, although somewhat predictable, is still juicy enough to make it a good read.